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FREE Beaded Flower Patterns on the Web

Note 1: Where it says "(no link)" there was a link at one time and it's been moved and I can't find where it was relocated yet or else it was taken off the web.

Note 2: Some of the free patterns are from Bead and Button Magazine and may require you to register on their website to access the page.

Pictured is a miniature bead and wire basket, a free pattern from Bead and Button. You'll need to register at the site to get the pattern.
The miniature trillium arrangement is from New Patterns for Bead Flowers and Decorations by Virginia Nathanson.

French-Beaded Flowers
Beaded Christmas Tree Instructions by Donna Dickt  
French Beaded Clover Pin
Beaded Tree by Kimberly Chapman
Basic Technique for French Beaded Flowers by Kimberly Chapman
Make your own bead spinner by Kimberly Chapman
HGTV - Beaded Flowers by Suzanne McNeill
Lavender by Mayumi Nishi (aka Tomato)
Tea Rose by Alice Korach
October 2002
French Beaded Wire Petals by Ruth Kanakoff
October 1988
Beaded Rose by
Marguerite Daisy Pin by Arlene Baker
Orchid by Karole Conaway
Karole also has incredible peyote beaded butterfly patterns.
Fuchsia by Karole Conaway
Beaded Flower Cinnamon Stick Ornament by Caren Cohen (that's me)
More patterns by Mayumi Nishi (aka Tomato), however, they're in Japanese
Berry Tree, Carnation, 2 Christmas Trees, Strawberries, Mini Sunflower, Thunberg's Spirea, Primula
Very simple flower that can be used to attach to hair pins, bobby pins, pendants, and more.

Victorian Technique Flowers
Beaded Butterfly Brooch (uses Victorian technique)
Victorian Beaded Flower
Victorian Beaded Flower
Rose and Baby's Breath by Coby Brökling
Hyacinth by Coby Brökling
Tazetta Daffodil by Coby Brökling
Lilac Tree by Coby Coby Brökling
Passion Flower by Coby Coby Brökling
Orange & Blue Flowers

Other Bead & Wire Projects (related to Beaded Flowers)
Free tutorial on How to Make a Crystal Bouquet
Petite Beaded Basket (no link)
Dragonfly by
Beaded Basket by Andrea Sapon (August 2002) (electronic version available for purchase)

Off-Loom Techniques
These patterns use thread rather than wire.
Create a Forest of Beaded Trees
A leaf for all seasons by Annette Barth (April 2002) - peyote stitch, brick stitch, and square stitch.
Spring Fling Flower

Bead & Wire Snowflakes
(Included just because I like them so much and after all it's still beads and wire.)
Shimmering Snowflakes by Trude Janofsky (electronic version available for purchase)
Wire Snowflakes
Crystal Snowflake by Ruth Danielle

Other Languages
Techniques for beaded trees (In French with great diagrams)
Italian Instructions - Click on "Schemi", third link from the top
Rose (French)
Clematis (French)
Tree (French)
Bead & Button Magazine - patterns for sale
You may have to register and login for these links to work. There's no obligation or cost for registering.
Andromeda Ornament by Judy Heller (October 2000)
Bridal Tiara by Alice Korach (June 2000)
Lasting Beauty - Phalaenopsis Orchid by Dalene Kelly (October 2001)
Poinsettia Ornament by Trude Janofsky (December 2002)
A Basket Full of Pansies by Trude Janofsky (April 2004)

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