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Web site Language Country Newsletter
5 Pages of Beaded Trees & Flowers for Sale
Russian Russia June 17, 2007
Moscow Beads Miracle - Handcrafted Gifts & Souvenirs
Trees, page 1
Tress, page 2
Trees, page 3
Basic instructions for beaded trees and flowers
Instructions for autumn tree but all in russian with no diagrams
Russian Russia June 17, 2007
Beaded Flowers Russian Russia June 10, 2007
Embroidered, knitted, beaded and ribbon flowers Russian Russia June 10, 2007
Butterflies, a dragonfly and other critters
Russian Russia June 10, 2007
Danse de Perles French France June 10, 2007
Beaded Christmas Tree Instructions by Donna Dickt English United States May 20, 2007
Russian Beaded Flowers
Jewelry Techniques
Russia Russia May 13, 2007
The Flirty Bride (Stacie Tamaki) English United States May 13, 2007
Les Perles d'Helene French France May 13, 2007
Jim Shull - bonsai trees on YouTube
More trees
English United States May 6, 2007
Marie le Sueur French France May 6, 2007
Sachi's Beaded Flowers Japanese Japan April 29, 2007
Rue des Perles French France April 15, 2007
Japanese Beaded Flowers Blog
Japanese Beaded Flowers web site
Japanese Japan April 7, 2007
Beaded Dragons - Fine Beadwork by Karly Manley English USA April 7, 2007
Beaded Flower Blogs
Beaded Flora by Diane
Beaded Flowers by Crymson
Beaded Flowers (in English and German)
Donna's Beaded Flowers, also on Etsy
Vintage Beaded Flower with instructions
Beaded Flower Pins
Beaded Flower by Mami Nakagawa
English USA January 21, 2007
Beaded Flower Applique English USA January 28, 2007
Handmade by Allison
Stacey Hannan Designs
Betsy Bear Creations
English USA January 1, 2007
A Japanese blog for "kazumama1017jp"
House of Beaded Flowers
Japanese Web site of Nanameru
A Kiss Bead
Teamroom Miki
Nozo Cafe
Simple beaded flowers
Beaded Flower House
    July 3, 2006
Inui's Antiques & Beads

Victorian Beaded Flower Christmas Ornaments - it's never too early to start planning for next year!
Ornament 1
Ornament 2
Ornament 3
Ornament 4
    January 1, 2006
How to make a Crystal Bouquet
Blooming Beads
Beadworks in Ukraine - in English and Russian
English USA July 16, 2006
Lavenere Collection
Victorian Beaded Flower on Chain
Carnation Stick Pin
Beaded jewelry items
Brooch (scroll down about halfway)

    August 8, 2005
Beaded Flower Jewelry
Morning Glory Antiques
Japanese site Link 1
Japanese site Link 2
Provence Beads Accessories Shop
beaded brooches
butterfly and beaded flower necklace
corsages and bouquets
beaded flower brooches
English, japanese USA, Japan July 4, 2005
Yau Hyon - Page 1
Yau Hyon - Page 2
Italian Italy June 6, 2005
Hobby Fabbri Italian Italy April 11, 2005
Leeze Silverman English Australia May 2, 2005
Japanese blog Japanese Japan September 25, 2005
Erika's Beads Flower     Decemeber 6, 2004
K2 Beads House     September 2004
CIAO! ITALIA! Bigiotteria Italian Italy September 2004
Nana's Page     August 24, 2004
Galina Gil
    July 5, 2004
Japanese site Japanese Japan June 7, 2004
Bonsai in Perline by Melita Bellinghieri Italian Italy May 3, 2004
Fantasias Miguel Floral and Craft Mart, Spanish Mexico April 5, 2004
Dutch site Dutch Netherlands March 1, 2004
Rue des Perles French France February 2, 2004
Vicki's Beads Russian Russia January 5, 2004
Blooming Beads     December 1, 2003
House of Beads Japanese Japan November 3, 2003
Fleurs et Arbres French France October 6, 2003
Candy Garden Japanese Japan September 1, 2003
Russian Site Russian Russia August 4, 2003
Hana Hana Japanese Japan July 7, 2003
Sarasa's Gallery Japanese Japan May 5, 2003
Iris' Art Japanese Japan April 7, 2003
Maria Grazia Diano's Bead Creations Italian & English Italy March 3, 2003
Mondo di Susi French France February 3, 2003
Tubuan's Gallery     January 6, 2003
Forest of Beads Japanese Japan December 2, 2002
Keiko Beads Salon Japanese Japan November 4, 2003
Sommerso Italian Italy October 6, 2002
Tomato's Beaded Flowers Japanese Japan September 23, 2002
Chami's Beadwork and Fabric Crafts Japanese Japan September 2, 2002
Beadwork by Sandra Bouw ( Dutch Netherlands August 5, 2002
Beadwork by Coby Brokling Dutch Netherlands  

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